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Dozens of lessons from world-class metal guitarists like Jason Richardson of All That Remains, Dave Davidson of Revocation, Dean Lamb of Archspire, Wes Hauch of Alluvial, Dan Sugarman of Ice Nine Kills, and many more!
"When I say that riffhard was completely life-changing for me I’m not hyperbolizing. When I found out that INK was going to be opening up for not only Metallica, but a separate tour with Slipknot amongst other huge festivals, I would have loved to have been ecstatic but there was too much doubt over myself as a player; I simply didn’t belong up there. By following the Riffhard Shredule I was able to take guitar concepts that felt difficult and I was able to turn them into something not only easy, but completely habitual. In less than a year I went from feeling as if I was using a tool I could barely control to something that felt like an extension of my imagination. I really never thought I could be playing the way I am playing today.”

Ricky Armellino, Ice Nine Kills
Livestreaming Events
Songwriting challenges, contests, and more every month
Monthly songwriting contest
Songwriting challenges, contests, and more every month!
Recording For Beginners course
You’ll also get our Recording For Beginners course with Buster Odeholm (Vildjharta, Humanity's Last Breath) that will get you started with recording and mixing your own songs in a simple home studio
Access to Nail The Mix
You'll get all these Nail The Mix sessions, dozens of tutorials and more
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